How to make rice more beautiful in a pot with 5 steps, teenagers can easily cook it.

Rice is the staple food of Thai people. We eat almost every meal. But if the cooked rice is wet Some cooked, some not. Or cooking and the rice burnt to the bottom of the pot would not be fun at all. Nowadays, we have a convenient helper like an electric rice cooker that comes in as a helper. But many people still don't cook rice, it doesn't cook well, or always faces the problem of soggy rice.

Today, at home, I will introduce methods. Cooking rice to make it look more beautiful in the pot with 5 steps guarantees that the rice will look more beautiful in the pot, appetizing, guaranteed to please everyone in the house and don't have to worry about that from now on. Someone will tell you that we can't cook rice. Let's see this not-so-secret trick.

How to cook rice beautifully in a pot in 5 steps
1. Wash the rice thoroughly. Wash the rice until the water is about 2-3 water clear. Do not wash the rice more than 3 water as this can cause the loss of nutrients.
2. When the rice is cleaned Soak the rice in cold water for about an hour to allow the rice grains to absorb the water. This is the secret of how to cook rice so that it comes out in a beautiful, appetizing manner.
3. Before pressing the rice cook button, add 1 teaspoon of salt, a trick that helps make the rice fragrant and add to the pot.
4. The ratio of rice and water is at 1 rice: 1.2 parts water, or you can measure the level by dipping your hands into the pot to make the water rise 1 knuckle as well. After adding salt and measuring the water level, press the rice cook button as usual.
5. Prevent rice from sticking to the pot by turning off the rice cooker after about 15 minutes of cooking. Be sure to close the lid to allow the steam to reach the bottom of the pot.

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