New trend eat organic rice Its delicious and has a lot of benefits.

The most popular with health-loving trends Especially the trend Eat Clean and organic food. In our house, it is called Organic. As we know that you are what you eat, and the most important food for Thai people is inevitable rice. If you want to eat healthy food, you have to choose brown rice. or brown rice Even if it's organic rice, it's even more reassuring that it's definitely good for health.

If we talk about organic rice, which Thailand has grown in many provinces and regions, but if talking about deliciousness and aroma, we have to give a thumbs up to organic rice from the Northeast. Because the climate there is very conducive to growing organic jasmine rice. called if the weather is hotter The more aromatic the rice, the more delicious. Recently, Sizzler has chosen to serve 5 types of organic rice from Amnat Charoen Province to please those who like to eat soft and fragrant rice. Let's take a look at the benefits of 5 popular organic rice.

In addition to helping with health prevent various diseases Organic rice is also special in every step. Because farmers pay attention to planting with natural methods No chemicals are used at all. Therefore, meticulousness starts from preparing the soil. to rice milling Most importantly, the organic rice that we eat. It also helps distribute income to our Thai farmers as well. However, how organic rice is grown before it comes to our hands, let's see below.

Seen like this... Do you believe that? These organic rice are not easily grown. It can be said that it is a handcrafted craft by Thai farmers. Plus, there are advantages of organic rice that many people may not have expected. Because it's not a chemical thus making the ecosystem here quite complete Go back to the old days when “in the water there are fish, in the fields there is rice” There are various animals living together such as birds, dragonflies, shrimps, shells, crabs, and fish. Which is clearly different from other types of rice and also helps farmers to have a better quality of life, no sickness, no need to waste money to buy food Because if you want to eat something, you can easily find it yourself in the field. Or plant it yourself to eat in the house. How much is left, sell and generate income in many ways as well.

Knowing this, I believe that organic rice would be another good choice for many people. Think about it. Beautiful grains of organic rice, plump and firm, lined up on a plate. Smell the soft aroma of rice. Ready to eat... I feel hungry when I think about it. For those who want to eat organic rice but don't know where to sell it. You may try it at a health food store. Or it's convenient to eat at Sizzler. Good organic rice. Planted with green hearts of farmers. It's delicious and very useful.

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